EN15194 explained

All BLITZINbikes 250W models are EN15194 compliant,

So, what does this mean?

EN15194, is the EU standard that the Australian Government have adopted that pedelec bikes must meet in order to be street legal (considered the same as a pedal bike) in Australia, bikes that do not comply, such as overpowered or overspeed power assisted should not be ridden on public roads, or in any public spaces.

Non EN15194 compliant bikes, such as our 750W models are for “private property” use only  these bikes are unrestricted and the “Boulevarde” 750 can achieve ~50 kph. 

This is why we sell EN15194 certified and compliant e-bikes in Australia. All of our 250W models  

In short, EN15194 regulations dictate that pedal assisted electric (pedelec) bikes cannot exceed 250W power, and the electrically assisted speed cannot exceed 25kph.